Dice Eating Dragon

Fanroll's newest Dice Eating Dragon is a plushie that stores your most precious dice.

Introducing the Shadow Light Dice Tray and Shadowlight Elixir Dice

Discover the magic of our latest gaming innovations: the Shadow Light Dice Tray and Shadow Light Elixir Dice. These cutting-edge accessories feature built-in black lights to illuminate your dice rolls with stunning neon effects, enhancing both the atmosphere and excitement of your game nights.

Rolling with Pride

Fanroll collaborates with Tabletop Gaymers to celebrate diversity in gaming with Pride Dice Trays and Silicone Dice. Each product honors LGBTQIA+ identities, embodying our commitment to inclusion and community.

Caring for Premium TTRPG Dice

Learn tailored care tips for wooden, gemstone, and liquid core dice to maintain their splendor and ensure they remain faithful companions in your TTRPG adventures. From avoiding extreme conditions to proper cleaning and storage, we cover everything you need to keep your dice rolling true and looking their best. Embrace these practices and treasure your dice for generations to come.