Fanroll’s 2023 in Review

This year, Fanroll not only expanded our product line with innovative offerings like Liquid Core Dice and Mystery Misfit Sets, but also forged significant partnerships that have redefined the tabletop gaming landscape.

The Ultimate Dice Gift Guide

The ultimate Dice Gift Guide for new role players and veterans alike. Fanroll has the perfect roll for your roleplayer this holiday season.

The Allure of Sharp Edge Dice

Sharp edge dice offer a unique and captivating gaming experience, but they also require a slightly different approach to rolling compared to traditional dice.

  • Loops Inclusion Dice

FanRoll’s Inclusion Dice

FanRoll's Resin Inclusion Dice opens a door to a realm of extraordinary figurines, where diversity and creativity take center stage. Dive into the fascinating world of these unique collectibles, each one a testament to imagination brought to life.