A popular and entertaining role-playing game many people participate in these days is dungeons and dragons. If this is a hobby of yours then you’ll need to make sure you invest in a proper DnD dice set. The dilemma is that it can be tricky and a bit confusing to know how to shop for a dice set and what type of gaming dice will be best.  

Here we’ll cover advice and tips for how to buy dice for dungeons and dragons and more information about the dice products we offer. Take the time to review this guide so that you can feel confident that you purchased the right dice and can have a positive experience whenever you choose to play.

Dice for Playing DnD

If you’re going to participate in a game of dungeons and dragons then you’ll require gaming dice or a dice set. DnD entails you sitting down to roll dice and tell stories with others, so the two come hand in hand. You not only need to know what dice you require but also what types of dice are ideal, as well as advice about when to use dice rollers. Both beginners and veterans of DnD can benefit from reviewing this DnD dice-buying guide information.  

The Role of Dice in DnD

While you may know what DnD is or heard of it previously, you might also not fully understand the role dice play and what you should be doing with them. How it works is that you’ll always roll the dice if anything occurs that could be left to chance. Rolling the dice is how to reach a conclusion and resolve any sort of dilemma that arises. Each dice roll represents a player’s action and all random variances from the environment or setting like climbing a wall or going through the forest. Your dungeon master determines how often and how many times you roll the dice.  

Dice Buying Tips for DnD

You need to know how to buy dice for DnD, in particular, before you can embark on your role-playing journey. Keep in mind that it’s not necessary to go overboard when buying dice for DnD as most fans do. Some people who play end up feeling like they can never have too many dice sets. You might start out playing with a basic set of dice. However, you’ll likely want to get a bit fancier with your gaming dice if you take this up as a hobby and play a lot. As the dungeon master, you’ll always need a full set to use.  It’s important that you also invest in a spare DnD dice set for the other players just in case.  

How to Find the Best Dice

Several factors come into play when you’re looking for the best dice set for DnD. You need to consider elements such as quality, style, and material, for starters. The quality of the dice is one of the most vital aspects when shopping for dice. Focus on the accuracy and fairness of the dice set being as high as possible instead of being distracted by the looks of it. Don’t assume that just because the dice are good-looking that it’s a quality dice set. Instead, think about its durability and if it is both accurate and fair.  

Dice readability is another essential aspect that comes into play when purchasing dice for DnD. Stylish dice might be very difficult to read, for example. Playing dungeons and dragons will be much more enjoyable and fun when you can read the dice clearly. The more you play, the more you’ll appreciate this feature of the dice set you use. Speed and clarity will enhance your gaming experience. Finally, all dice are set at different price points so you’ll want to decide on a budget before you start shopping around. The materials and overall design play a role in how much a dice set costs.

Different Dice Materials

Fairness and dice accuracy will determine if you have a good dice set for DnD. To play, you’ll need a full set of 7 polyhedral dice. Furthermore, you’ll want to educate yourself on and review the different dice materials that exist. The main categories of materials are metal dice, plastic dice, stone dice, and bone dice. Be mindful of where you purchase your dice set because not all materials and sets are created equally.  

The gold standard in modern games is plastic dice. Wooden dice are also quite common; however, this material isn’t great for gambling or DnD. Many agree that the most popular dice material for DnD has always been metal dice. Stone dice are rising in popularity among those who play DnD. You’ll want to also get a softer material rolling tray to use if you prefer buying a stone dice set for DnD. They are loud and durable and are unlikely to crack.

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Where to Purchase DnD Gaming Dice

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You should now feel confident about and know how to buy dice for dungeons and dragons. The right dice can make or break your game and the entire DnD experience. To ensure success while playing DnD, turn to Metallic Dice Games first when you require a new dice set or gaming dice that are durable and dependable. Get in touch with us today for more information about our dice products and to have all your questions answered.