Dice trays are popular among DND players and tabletop roleplaying game fans. But why?

Good question. It turns out there’s more to the humble dice tray than meets the eye. For some players, it’s an essential accessory to keep their games more fluid and engaging.

So what’s all the fuss about? Let’s take a look.

Dice Trays Make It Easy To Handle Large Numbers Of Dice

What happens when you throw a handful of stones? They go all over the place.

The same is true of dice. It’s hard to control where multiple dies go once you roll three or more. Most end up on the floor, behind cupboards, or, worse still, down drains.

A dice tray is a clever solution to this problem. These handy objects, available at FanRoll, keep everything nicely contained. This way, you and your fellow players don’t need to scrabble around on the floor or rummage through cat litter to find wayward dice.

Separate Players From Each Other

Dice trays also have the additional benefit of separating all of a player’s “stuff” from everyone else. Some DND fans don’t like it when their items touch other people’s. Therefore, having a separate tray keeps everything nice and contained.

Improve Randomness

The whole purpose of dice is to generate random results. However, rolling them in a specific way to prevent them from falling on the floor or knocking into other objects on the gaming table can prevent this from happening. Players may learn “techniques” to advantage themselves.

Dice trays eliminate this problem by letting players throw dice how they want. This approach improves randomness and makes games more thrilling.

Appeal To The Superstitious

Dice trays are also great for superstitious people. Some players may believe using a dice tray will help them generate superior outcomes.

Of course, whether you believe any of that is totally down to you. But owning one might give you a slight psychological advantage over your opponents.

Protect The Dice And Tables

With metal dice becoming more popular, dice trays are a way to protect the dice themselves and the table. Heavy dice can damage wood and themselves if thrown with excessive vigor.

Gemstone dice are also fragile. Velvety dice trays coddle them like newborn babies, ensuring nothing bad ever happens to them.

Where To Get Great Dice Trays

Once upon a time, finding dice trays fit for DND and tabletop roleplaying games was challenging. You had to go to the ends of the Earth to get what you wanted. But FanRoll makes it easy. High-quality trays from us fold flat, protect your dice (thanks to their soft interior lining), and keep everything neatly contained at the same time.

Check out FanRoll Dice’s trays in stock right now and find the perfect product for you.