Dungeons and Dragons (and many other tabletop roleplaying games) require players to haul vast quantities of dice around. Many feel like gemstone merchants with rubies, pearls, and sapphires clattering around in their pockets.

But no more! DND dice bags are here to save the day. These clever little accessories keep everything nicely contained and in one place, giving players the ultimate convenience.

What Is A DND Dice Bag?

Originally, artisans designed DND dice bags for players fed up with carrying all their dice around separately. However, since then, other gamers have sought them out for their fantastic utility (and the fact they look cool).

Dice bags are usually made of soft fabric. Sometimes, they also contain pouches and pockets to separate dice, preventing them from rubbing against each other abrasively and extending their life. High-quality bags can last a lifetime.

Why Do You Need A Dice Bag?

Here are some reasons to get a bag for dice.

Because You Lose Dice All The Time

Reason number one for choosing one of these bags is that you lose your dice all the time. You thought you put them in your back pocket, but when you looked, they weren’t there!

Dice bags from FanRoll keep them in the same place, helping you avoid panic.

Because You Love Keeping Things Neat And Tidy

DND players need seven dice. Players of other tabletop games may require considerably more. That means that you have a lot to carry around with you, especially if you’re the type of player who loves going along to events or playing out of the home.

Here again, bags save the day – all your dice fit in the pouch like peas in a pod.

Because You Want To Protect Your Shiny, Prize Dice

Lastly, you might need a dice bag to protect your prize gemstone, metal, or liquid core dice. Soft, velvety, or chainmail bags keep everything secure, preventing worry.

What To Look For In A Quality DND Dice Bag?

Not all bags for dice are equal. Therefore, you’ll need to choose the right one for you. You should consider:

  • The Design. Dice bags come in different colors and design schemes. Therefore, you’ll want to choose the one that appeals to you. If you prefer rainbows, don’t choose a design covered in mock blood, skulls, crossbones, or anything else that might keep you up at night.
  • The Size. Second, consider the physical size of the bag. How many dice does it need to carry around?
  • The Closure. Third, you’ll need to consider how you close the bag. Most pouches use a drawstring closure.
  • The Material. Lastly, consider what your bag is made of. Satin and velvet are excellent materials for anyone looking to protect valuable dice.

FanRoll provides a range of dice bags that fulfill all your criteria. Check out our collection on this page.