At FanRoll, we’re always on a quest to elevate your tabletop gaming experience. Today, we’re thrilled to announce a partnership that’s set to take your adventures to new heights. We’ve joined forces with Paizo, the renowned creators of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, to bring you an exciting range of Pathfinder-themed gaming products. In this blog, we’ll dive into the details of this epic collaboration and unveil the treasures we’ve created together.

The Pathfinder Universe:

For those who are new to the realm of tabletop roleplaying games, Pathfinder is a legendary name. It’s a rich and immersive universe where adventurers embark on heroic quests, face formidable foes, and explore untamed lands. This partnership with Paizo allows us to delve deeper into this captivating world and offer you products that capture the spirit of Pathfinder.

Pathfinder Trays:
Our collaboration with Paizo has led to the creation of the Pathfinder Map Dice Tray. These beautifully designed trays feature intricate Pathfinder maps that transport you to the heart of the action. Each roll of the dice becomes an adventure as you navigate the treacherous landscapes and hidden secrets of Golarion. Whether you’re a spellcaster deciphering ancient scrolls or a rogue exploring forgotten tombs, these trays are the perfect companions for your journey.

Pathfinder Rolling Scroll:
Imagine unrolling a magical map that sets the stage for your next quest. That’s precisely what our Pathfinder Rolling Scroll Dice Mat offers. This enchanting mat showcases Pathfinder-themed designs that add a touch of mystique to your gaming sessions. Let your dice roll gracefully across this scroll as you step into the shoes of your Pathfinder character, ready to face any challenge that comes your way.

Goblin Inclusion Sets:
One of the most exciting additions to our Pathfinder lineup is the Goblin Inclusion Dice Sets. Each die contains a tiny goblin miniature, bringing the mischievous creatures of Golarion to life. Whether you’re rolling for combat or skill checks, these dice sets add a unique dimension to your gameplay.

Pathfinder Goblin Mammoth D20:
This colossal D20 is an absolute showstopper, measuring a whopping 55mm in size. It features a meticulously crafted goblin head inclusion, making each roll a theatrical event in itself.

Pathfinder Bundles:
For those who desire the complete Pathfinder experience, we’re crafting Pathfinder Bundles. These bundles will include a dice bag, dice tray, and the coveted Goblin Inclusion Dice Set. It’s everything you need to embark on a Pathfinder adventure in style and comfort.

The partnership between FanRoll and Paizo is a testament to our commitment to delivering high-quality gaming products that enhance your tabletop adventures. Together, we’ve created a range of Pathfinder treasures that capture the essence of this beloved universe. Whether you’re exploring ancient dungeons or uncovering hidden mysteries, these products are designed to immerse you fully in the world of Golarion.

Remember, epic adventures are born at the intersection of creativity and craftsmanship. With FanRoll and Paizo, you’re in for a gaming experience like no other.